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This page attempts to index the various operators, settings and image formats to the appropriate sections that detail that option. This will let you find what aspect of image processing a specific option or is involved with, and direct you to examples using that option.

This is not however a complete list of options available in ImageMagick (see Command Line Options Reference Manual for the complete list), as IM Examples is far from complete in all aspects of what IM can do. Most likely this index may not even be up-to-date with regard to IM Examples, as it is hand generated, so any mistakes, or additions, should be reported to me, (Email in page footer).

IM Command Index

Under Construction

Command IM Example Reference...
Convert convert/process images between image formats
See also Working Example
Mogrify in-place batch processing
Composite Overlay two images in special ways
See also Compositing IM Examples page
Montage Generating arrays of thumbnails
See also Montage IM Examples page
Identify Output information an image
See also info: File Format
Compare Look for Differences
See also Comparison Statistics
Display Display Images and Slideshows
Animate Animate Multiple Images
Conjure IM experimental scripting Language

Operator Options Index

Under Construction

Operator IM Example References...
( ) (parenthesis) Image_Seqs  
-adaptive-resize Adaptive Resize  
+adjoin Adjoin Multi-Images  
-alpha Alpha Channels Virtual PixelsMaskingMask Editing
-append Append Tiling Images
-annotate Annotate Annotate Args Drawing Text
-evaluate-sequence mean Evaluate-Sequence Obsolete use "-evaluate-sequence mean"
-auto-orient Photos Thumbnails
-blend (composite) Blend Usage  
-blur Blurring Images Fuzzy FontPlasmaRandom NoiseRounded ShadeShadow InternalsSpots of Color
-border Border ThumbnailCanvasTransparentMulti-Image Flatten
-charcoal Charcoal Photos
-clamp Clamp HDRI
-clone Image Sequences Tiling Images,  (alt) mpr:
-clut Color LUTs  
-coalesce Coalesce Progressive Flatten
-colorize Color Tinting Canvas
-colors Color Quantization Two Color Dither
-colorspace Color Space PlasmaGrayscaleProfiles
-combine Combine Distortion Maps
-composite Image Composition Multiple ImagesFraming TechniquesAnimationsGradient Math Blur Mapping Displace Mapping
-contrast-stretch contrast-stretch histogram
-convolve Convolution  
-decipher Encrypting Images  
-define Image Artifacts Expert Filter Options
-delete Image_Seqs  
-dissolve (composite) Dissolve Watermarking
-distort Distort ResizeInterpolateGradient
-draw Draw PrimitivesMVGCanvas Clearing
-duplicate Image Seqs Color MorphingAnimated Distorts
-edge Edge Detection Color-In Image
-emboss Emboss  
-encipher Encrypting  
-evaluate Math Transform Zeroing ChannelsModulate DIY Gray-scalingCanvas ClearingGradients
-evaluate-sequence Evaluate-Sequence  
-extent Extent Edge/Crop Pad/Fill ImageCanvas
-flatten Flatten Canvas
-flip Simple Distorts Rounded CornersColor Morphing
-floodfill Replace Areas Fuzz Factor
-flop Simple Distorts Rounded Corners
-frame Frame ThumbnailTransparent
-function Math Transform Curves AdjustmentGradients
-fx DIY Image Op FX EscapesCanvas CreateDIY GradientRandom NoiseColor LookupDIY O-DitherSymbol Dither
-gamma Gamma Adj Level GammaZeroing Channels
-gaussian-blur Gaussian Blur Blur vs Gaussian
-geometry Geometry (resize) CompositeMulti-CompositeFiltersSupportFill Space
-hald-clut Hald CLUTs  
-identify Text Output info:
-implode Implode Local Warping
-insert Image Seqs  
-list IM Controls  
-lat LAT  
-layers   Flatten/Mosaic/MergeTrim Bounds Frame CompareGIF OptimizationsImage List Composite
-level Level Adj Level PlusLevel GammaGradient Math
-level-colors Level Colors  
-linear-stretch histogram  
-liquid-rescale Liquid Rescale  
-remap Remap Colors Video Optimize
-alpha set Alpha Channels Canvas CreationVirtual PixelsMaskingMask Editing
-median Dither Speckle
-modulate Modulate Grayscale
-monochrome BW Dither  
-morph Color Morph  
-morphology Morphology  
-mosaic Mosaic Shadows
-motion-blur Motion Blur  
-negate Negate Images  
-normalize Normalize Plasma Canvas
-noise Random Noise
-opaque Color Replace Fuzz Factor Pattern Mods
-ordered-dither Ordered Dither Halftone DitherDIY O-DitherVideo Optimize
-paint Oil Painting  
-pen OBSOLETE See fill
-polaroid Polaroid Transform Thumbnail
-posterize Posterize Canvas
-print Text Output  
-profile Image Profiles ThumbnailsJPG Read
-radial-blur Radial Blur  
-raise Raise/Sink Borders Thumbnail
-random-threshold Random Dither  
-repage Canvas Removal Gif Animations
-recolor Recolor  
-resample Resample ps:
-region Regions Region Internals
-resize Resize ps:ThumbnailGradientAnimations
-roll Simple Distorts  
-rotate Rotate Image Rectangular RotateThumbnailGradientRegions
-sample Sample  
-scale Scale Canvas
-segment Image Sorting  
-separate Separate Plasma
-sepia Sepia Tone Duotone Colors
-set Image Properities Gif AnimationsSave Options
-sketch Pencil Sketch Photos
-shade 3D Highlights Bevel FontPlasma3D Bullets3D LogoJigsawGel EffectAqua Effect
-shadow Shadow ThumbnailAnimation
-sharpen Unsharp Convolve True Sharpen
-sigmoidal-contrast Sigmoidal Contrast Under-exposed Photos
-solarize Solarize Shape OutlinesImage SortingRandom FluxEdge OutlinesGradient Math
-sparse-color Sparse Color  
-splice Splice Splice DIY
-spread   Torn Edge
-stegano Embeding Images  
-strip Image Profiles JPG Read
-swap Image Seqs  
-swirl Swirl Local Warping
-taint Delegates  
-threshold Threshold CanvasZeroing Channels
-thumbnail Thumbnail Resize
-tint Tint Grey  
-transform Affine Transform  
-transparent Color Replace Fuzz Factor
-transpose Simple Distorts  
-transverse Simple Distorts  
-type Type Grayscale
-unique-colors Image Colors txt:
-unsharp Unsharp Convolve Resize UnsharpTrue Sharpen
-vignette Vignette Thumbnail
-watermark (composite) Watermark Watermarking
-write Write Multiple (special use) mpr:
format: (reading) Reading Images (See File Format Index for specific formats)
format: (writing) Saving Images (See File Format Index for specific formats)
format: (large images) Massive Images mpc:

Setting Options Index

Under Construction

Setting Type IM Example References...
-affine Op Affine Affine Projection
-attenuate Op (noise amplitude)
-authenticate Op (noise amplitude)
-background In/Op/Out label:caption:text: mvg:svg:MontageFlatten & Mosaic Splice Extend Combine
-bordercolor In/Op/Out Border Montage
-bias Op Convolve Bias Correlate
-blackpoint-compensation Out Profiles
-channel Op Color Channels Matte Channel
-clip Op Clip Masks
-clip-mask Op Clip Path
-clip-path Op Clip Path
-compose In/Op Compose Methods AnimationsFlattenMontageBorderFrameGradient Math
-compress Out Saving Images JPG WriteTIFF NotesNetPBMEPS Notes
-debug Ctrl IM Controls
-define Op/Out Image Attributes JPG WriteTIFF Notes PDF Notes
-delay In Gif Animations
-density In/Out Font Size Control ps:
-depth Out Depth & Quality txt:NetPBM
-dispose In GIF Disposal Progressive Flatten
+dither Op E-Dithers QuantizationReMap ColorsPosterize
-encoding Op (text encoding, default: UTF8)
-endian Out tiff:
-extract In Read Mods Massive Images
-fill Op Draw Primatives Fill Boundslabel:caption:text:Draw TextAnnotateMontageCanvas
-filter Op Resampling Filter Expert Options GradientBinning
-font Op label: caption:text:UnicodeSymbol Fonts
-format (mogrify save) Out Mogrify
-format (info escapes) Op/Out Identify info:Escape Chars
-frame (montage) Out Montage
-geometry Op Geometry (Resize) Multi-CompositeCompositionMontage
-gravity Op Images & Text label:caption:Draw TextAnnotateComposition
-immutable (display) Ctrl Display
-intent Out Profiles
-interlace Out JPG Write
-interpolate Op Interpolate Pixel&MappingDistortGradients
-interword-spacing Op Inter-Word Spacing
-list Ctrl IM Controls
-kerning Op Inter-Char Kerning Joined Font
-loop Out Gif Animations
-mask Op Write Masks Chroma Key Masking
-mattecolor Op Frame MontageDistort
-monitor Ctrl IM Controls
-page In text: ps:Layered ImagesGif Animations
-path Out Mogrify Thumbnail Storage
-pen - OBSOLETE See fill
-ping Ctrl IM Controls Identify
-pointsize Op Font Size Control label:caption:text:ps:Draw TextAnnotate
-precision Ctrl IM Controls Morphology Kernel
-quality Out Saving Images JPG WritePNG Quality
-quantize Op Quantize ColorSpace
-quiet Ctrl IM Controls
-regard-warnings Ctrl IM Controls Identify
-respect-parenthesis Ctrl Parenthesis IM Controls
-sampling-factor Out JPG Write
-scene Out Write Image Seq
-seed Op Plasma Random Noise
-shadow (montage) Out Montage
-size Op xc: label:caption:JPG Read
-stroke Op Stroke StrokeWidthDraw PrimativesFill BoundsLabel Text AttributesOutline FontAnnotateMontage
-strokewidth Op StrokeWidth StrokeLabel Text AttributesDraw TextOutline FontAnnotate
-support -- OBSOLETE See Resize Filter Blur Option
-texture (montage) Out Montage
-tile Op Tiled Canvases Draw TextAnnotateMontageTiled FontFraming Edges
-tile (composite) Op Tile Overlay Canvases
-tile-offset Op Tile Offset Rolling ImagesFraming Edges
-title Out Montage ps:
-transparent-color Out GIF Transparency
-undercolor Op Undercolor Font MetricsOverflowLabel Text Attributestext: SizingDraw TextAnnotate
-units Op Misc Formats (PDF) Resample
-verbose Ctrl IM Controls Identifyinfo:
-version Ctrl IM Controls Version Testing
-virtual-pixel Op Virtual Pixels Pixel&MappingImplodeDistortArc DistortPolar Distort(De)Polar CycleThumbnailRandom NoiseTiling Images

The setting types are basically defined as...
      Op Setting used by operators (incl. image creation)
In Overrides/Sets image meta-data during image read/create
Out Output format controls (including text output)
Ctrl   Control the General working and debugging of IM
See Types of Options for more details.

File Formats Index

Common Image File Formats...
gif: Graphics Interchange Format
gif: GIF Animations
jpg: Joint Photographic Experts Group Format
png: Portible Network Graphic
svg: Scalible Vector Graphic
tiff: Tagged Image File Format
ps: Postscript, Pre-formated Test
pdf: Portible Document Format
bmp: Windows Bitmap
Most of these are detailed on the Common Image File Formats Examples Page

Canvas Image Generators...
gradient: Color Gradient Generator
pattern: Builtin Tile Patterns Generator
plasma: Plasma/Random Image Generator
tile: Tiled Canvas Generator
xc: Solid Color Canvas
Also see the DIY Random Noise Image

Text Image Generators...
caption: Word Wrapped Label
label: Simple Text Label
ps: Postscript, Pre-formated Test
text: Multi-Line Text Files
Also see other text generation methods on the Text to Image Examples Page, such as Annotate for drawing text on images.

Special Use Image Formats...
fd: File Descriptor Pipelines
hald: Hald Color Lookup Table Generator
histogram: Histogram Graph, (+ color counts)
info: Image Identify Info
miff: Magick Image File Format
mpc: Magick Persistent (Disk) Cache
mpr: Magick Program (memory) Register
mvg: Magick Vector Graphic
null: Null/Error Image
show: Image on screen display (backgrounded)
txt: Text Image (Pixel Color List)
x: Image X window capture and display
Also see Special Image Formats.

Other Image File Formats...
These are generally only looked as part of other examples.
Network Portible Bitmaps (PBM,PPM) Misc Formats Resize Gradientstxt:
Postscript (PS) Misc Formats ps:Vector Images
Encapulated Postscript (EPS) Misc Formats (also see postscript)
MPEG & M2V Misc Formats
Autotrace: SVG Output
Raw Digital Camera Images (CRW,CR2,NEF,X3F,etc) Misc Formats
PSD Misc Formats
Windows Metafile Format (WMF) Misc Formats
Macromedia Flash (SWF) Misc Formats
DPX Misc Formats
HTML Web Pages Misc Formats
PCL Printing Format Misc Formats
Kodak PhotoCD Format (PCD) Misc Formats
Raw RGB data Misc Formats